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Client Successes

Straight & Level Technologies is an aviation and aeronautics technology company in Orlando, Florida whose flagship product, WingBug, is making waves across the small aircraft sector.

The WingBug is a personal, portable, self-encompassed, pitot static precision measuring device, which is mounted to the wing of an aircraft and gathers true ADAHRS (Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System) flight information. This information is then transmitted for display to the pilot on an iPad, presenting him/her with an airspeed indicator, an attitude indicator, an altimeter, a turn and bank indicator, a compass, a vertical speed indicator, as well as an angle of attack and sideslip indicator.

Straight & Level had developed an innovative piece of hardware that would make flying safer and smarter for pilots, but they knew that for the product to be truly useful, the iPad app that the user interfaces with had to be clean, accurate, and user-friendly. Straight & Level had initially started development of their app by hiring freelance developers. However, they quickly realized that in order to make the software component of their product match the quality they had already reached with the hardware component, they would need to turn to professionals.

Breadboard and its development team were able to quickly learn the technical detail of an incredibly niche industry, and then move forward with app development for the WingBug. Together, Breadboard and Straight & Level successfully launched the WingBug app to the Apple App Store on April 9th, 2018. Breadboard continues to work with Straight & Level to develop new features and enhancements for the app as user demand grows.