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Universal Roof & Contracting

Client Successes

“Strombeck saved us thousands in labor costs and greatly improved our customer service.”

Universal Roof & Contracting is a thriving family-owned business specializing in residential exteriors, roof repair/replacement and premium windows in Orlando, Florida.

Jared Mellick, president of Universal Roof & Contracting, Universal Contracting commercial division and Renewal By Andersen windows division, has been a Strombeck client since 2014. Since that time, the Strombeck team has streamlined a number of Universal Roof’s processes, which has not only saved the company thousands of dollars, but also has greatly improved their customer service. Initially, Jared hired Strombeck for their CPA services, and eventually Rick Strombeck and his son Ben Strombeck stepped in CFO and CIO roles to help Universal Roof & Contracting improve their operations, processes and overall financial health during a season of rapid growth.

Strombeck uncovered a number of opportunities for game-changing improvements in time, quality service and costs:

  1. Digitize the Sales Process Prior to Strombeck, Universal Roof had a lengthy 1-3 week closing process, which was causing them to lose customers. Ben Strombeck and the team developed a custom application for the sales team to use an on iPad at the initial sales visit in the potential customer’s home, where the salesperson could input customer information, generate real-time quotes and collect payment instantly. This resulted in a significant increase in sales as the closing ratios surged.

  2. Dynamically Generate Contracts & POs Strombeck also developed a dynamic contract, which is instantly created from the information entered in the sales app mentioned above. This digital contract is signed and paid by the customer on the iPad, then the information is automatically sent to production outlining the exact list of materials (with specs and quantities) needed for the job, eliminating the costly mistakes often made when manually entering this information. Then the information is imported into QuickBooks for purchase orders, once again eliminating the need for repeated data entry.

  3. Automated Insurance Claim Follow-ups Prior to Strombeck, the team at Universal Roof would have to send multiple emails and wait for an email response from insurance companies regarding projects. Strombeck developed an automated email follow up process to dramatically reduce labor costs.

  4. Automated Invoices Strombeck also worked with Universal’s vendors to get them to send their invoices for materials in a predictable CSV format that could be automatically imported into QuickBooks as Bills. This again eliminated the need for repeated data entry, saving time and costly mistakes, as well as putting their A/P department in a position to handle double or triple the volume without adding personnel.

  5. Job Costing Strombeck bridged the final gap for P&L’s by Job by developing an automated payroll process to work with QuickBooks. Now, time is automatically applied to each employee for each job, enabling the company to clearly review the true labor cost of each job and better plan future estimates.

  6. Outsourced CIO As Universal Roof’s outsourced CIO, Ben began overseeing all aspects of the company related to technology, including all existing and new software purchases, with a focus on streamlining and improving all internal processes.

The results? Universal Roof & Contracting’s sales have more than doubled every year since 2014, and is now one of the fastest growing residential roofing and exteriors companies in Central Florida and has received several notable awards including: