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Seller Notes for Acquisitions

Strombeck Solutions

“With the new automated process from Strombeck Consulting, I was able to get more data every week, and the numbers were 100% reliable. I saved significantly on labor costs and my team was able to use that time to focus on other tasks.” Mike MacKubin, retired CFO of DiPasqua Enrerprises, Inc., operator of 120 Subway stores in Central Florida (http://www.subwaydipasqua.com)

Like many growing businesses, DiPasqua Enterprises had accumulated a series of inputs for its reporting and payroll that included programs and spreadsheets that provided data for manual inputs into the company’s primary accounting software. As the company grew, so did the errors that are a natural part of the human experience. The Strombeck team integrated the company’s data systems into a single platform that eliminated manual entries, improved data access for managers and reduced administrative payroll costs. The payback period for the automation project: less than one year. You can read about this and other success stories at http://www.strombeck.com.