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Dipasqua Enterprises

Client Successes

“I completely trust Strombeck’s highly competent team, which makes it easy to work with them.”

The DiPasqua family founded DiPasqua Enterprises, Inc. as Subway’s first Orlando-area franchisee in 1977, and is now into its fourth generation of family-run sub sandwich restaurants. It’s also one of the largest franchisee groups in the nation.

Prior to hiring Strombeck, DiPasqua CFO Mike MacKubin and his team would collect data from all 120 stores to be assembled into one database, in order for them to generate weekly reports. Mike saw three main issues with this process:

  1. The data from all 120 stores were delivered in two different sheets, meaning Mike’s team would have to manually input 240 sheets of data into their database, which on average took 4-5 hours every week.
  2. Because the data was input manually, errors could and did sometimes occur.
  3. Mike’s team did not have enough time to capture all data, such as inventory counts, which resulted in it being omitted from the reports.

In an effort to reduce labor costs and improve accuracy of the weekly reports, Mike hired Strombeck to develop an automated way to collect data from all 120 stores, which would be organized into one central database, where DiPasqua could create custom reports through written queries. Mike recalls, “With the new automated process, I was able to get more data every week, and the numbers were 100% reliable. I saved significantly on labor costs and my team was able to use that time to focus on other tasks.”

The automation project paid for itself in the first year, and now each year it saves DiPasqua Enterprises approximately $5,000 in annual labor costs, is more data-rich than before, and is 100% accurate.

After the successful automation project, DiPasqua again hired Strombeck to develop automation to streamline their payroll process for approximately 120 stores each month. Once again, the new automation has decreased DiPasqua’s labor costs delivers 100% accuracy.

“I know Strombeck will do it right, or if anything is not quite right, they are happy to make it right, every time,” says Mike, who retired from DiPasqua recently. “I completely trust their highly competent team, which makes it easy to work with them.”