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M&A Work

Buying or selling, succession planning, financial restructuring, due diligence.

Expansion Mode

You’ve built your business for years now -- continuing to cultivate, grow, strengthen, expand. You’re feeling at a crossroads. Expand? Harvest? You just know that the status quo isn’t satisfying.

You’re feeling wind in the sails and you want to grab more of it. You can buy up a competitor, buy into a complementary product line, or buy out that key supplier up stream to control more of your channel. When it’s time to expand, we can help with:

  • Valuations to help get to that acquisition number that can make you money.
  • Forecasting and modeling to help quantify the future and better evaluate your options.
  • Due diligence support, to be sure that what you think you see is what you’ll actually get.
  • Buy-side representation to help ensure a deal that works for you.

Harvest Time

And at some point there comes a time to reap some of the benefits -- to harvest some or all of your efforts. That harvest can take many forms, and we can help with them all - like:

  • Family-member succession planning and transition.
  • Financial restructuring to “take some chips off the table”.
  • Spinning off part of the company to get cash and run focused.
  • Management team buy out to bring them in while you begin to move on.
  • Selling the company to a third party